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Preparing for Your Senior Portrait

What to Wear

Wear what you love!  Your favorite clothes, your favorite colors, patterns, designs!  Choose something fancy or go casual . . . or do both!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your outfits . . . 

  • Dress comfortably - you will be asked to sit, kneel or lay down - short, tight skirts and dresses make this tricky!  Aim for about knee length or longer.
  • Solid colors and subtle patterns work well.
  • If weight is a concern, avoid very tight clothing.
  • Be prepared and bring an extra outfit or two just in case!  
  • Footwear:  your feet will definitely show in some shots.  Make sure your footwear goes well with your outfits.  On the beach, you can wear flip-flops, sandals or go barefoot.

HOT TIP . . . Wear a bikini under your clothes for quick changing on the beach or any outdoor location.  There's not always a private place to change outfits.


Hair, Make-up & Accessories

This is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure and hair styling!  

  • Avoid changing to a new hairstyle within 2-3 weeks prior to your photo session.  If you don't like your new look, you may have to wait for it to grow to a manageable length.
  • Ladies:  don't forget to wear makeup and apply it in advance so all you need to do is touch up on location.
  • If you have an oily complexion, use powder with a matte finish - guys included!
  • Fingers and toes WILL show in your portraits - make sure your nails look pretty!  If you're not great at applying nail polish, try some press-on nails. They will look great in your portraits!  Stick with subtle colors, avoid flourescents.
  • If you have a class ring - wear it!
  • Feel free to accessorize as much or as little as you like.  Your favorite sunglasses can be a fun prop for some poses as well!

HOT TIP . . . Don't forget your toenails, especially for beach portraits where you will most likely be barefoot.


Everything Else

What you need to know about . . . 

Tan Lines & Sunburn

  • A suntan is a great addition to your portraits, but beware of the burn!  The redness from the sun will show up in your photographs.  
  • Avoid sunburn at all costs prior to your session.  Peeling, red skin is not attractive in portraits.  Digital retouching may help to tone this problem, but it will be at an additional charge. 

Tattoos & Scars

  • Please discuss with your photographer whether or not you want your tattoo to be seen in your photographs.  Most tattoos can be removed digitally for an additional fee when requested upon placing your order.
  • Please let us know whether a visible scar is something that you would like to have retouched or not.  We do not charge a fee to remove stand alone scars.  If a scar goes through an eyebrow or a lip, for example, there may be a small fee to remove it.

Moles & Beauty Marks

  • These personal attributes are what make you who you are.  A digital artist may remove them inadvertently, thinking that the mark is a blemish.  
  • If you want a beauty mark/mole to remain, please let us know upon placing your order.  Any obvious moles or beauty marks will be left alone if not instructed otherwise.

HOT TIP . . . Please, please, please do not apply lotion or moisturizer to your skin prior to a beach portrait session.  The sand will stick and cannot be removed digitally.

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