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Looking for something unique to do with your beautiful images?  Have limited wall space to display several photos? Here is a great option for you . . .


Let us know your favorite proofs (usually 5 or 6 work best) and we will arrange them into a custom collage for you.  Our collage Creation Fee is $30 per image, then just add the price of your ideal size.  

For example, a 16x20" collage with five images would cost $425.  The cost of the 16x20 ($275) plus the cost to create the collage (5 images x $30 = $150).

This is a great option if you're looking for something unique without the clutter of several framed prints on your wall, especially if you have limited wall space.  A collage will allow you to display several portraits within one frame.


Some things to keep in mind with a custom collage . . . 

1.  Very often a custom size will be necessary depending on the images we have to work with.  You let us know the approximate size you're interested in and we'll do our best to stay close to that size.  Pricing may fluctuate a little, but we'll give you different options so you can stay on budget.

2. The more faces within your chosen images, the larger you will want for your overall collage size.  If you choose a large group photo with 20 people and put it into an 11x14 collage, the faces on those people will be minuscule.  We can help you determine the best size to strive for with your chosen images.






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