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Before Your Shoot

A.  What to Wear

B.  General Preparation Tips

C. Preparing Children for a Photo Session


A.  What to Wear . . .

  • Dress comfortably!  You will be asked to sit, kneel or even lay in the sand.
  • Not everyone has to match exactly, however, we do recommend coordinating outfits.  For example, you can coordinate by choosing 2-4 different colors and use some of those colors in each outfit.  (Small groups stick with 2-3 colors).
  • Solid colors work well on the beach, whereas busy prints and patterns can be distracting.
  • Don't feel you have to wear white and khaki on the beach because everyone else does.  Be different!  Add a splash of interest with your favorite colors.  Blues and greens look great on the beach because you see those colors naturally in the sky and water.  Pull colors from the sun, such as reds or pretty corals.  Pair these colors with black, brown, gray and/or khaki.
  • Avoid short tight skirts and dresses - they ride up when you sit and can be difficult to pose.  Aim for close to knee length.
  • As far as footwear goes, barefoot is usually best unless you want to show off some very pretty sandals!
  • If weight is a concern, avoid very tight clothing and sleeveless tops.


B.  General Preparation Tips

  • LOTION:  AVOID it at all costs!  It makes sand stick and this is nearly impossible to remove digitally.
  • BUG SPRAY:  Bring a little just in case.  Bugs can be bad at times depending on your location and the time of year.  For a healthier solution, try eating garlic or taking a garlic pill before your session!
  • TOWEL:  Bring a small one for brushing off sand or dirt.  Larger towel for wet children or dogs that can't resist running into the waves!
  • WIND:  Unfortunately, we can't control it, so come prepared - bring a hairbrush and hair ties in case long hair needs to be pulled back.
  • EYEGLASSES:  Please be aware that camera flash can cause glare on your glasses.  If possible, temporarily remove your lenses OR borrow a set of frames without lenses.  Eyeglass glare can usually be removed digitally for a fee.
  • PROPS:  Feel free to bring along anything you feel may add to your portrait session, such as a giant seashell, toy sailboat, beach ball, etc.  Don't forget the Santa hats for everyone for your Christmas photo!


C.  Preparing Children for a Photo Shoot

We want your family portrait to be a pleasant experience for your entire family.  If children are prepared ahead of time they know what to expect and are usually more cooperative.  We have compiled a list of tips that we received from parents of past portrait sessions on how they successfully prepared their kids for their photo shoot.

1.  Talk to your kids (no matter what their ages).  If kids know what to expect ahead of time, they can mentally prepare for what is to come and are more patient during your family portrait session.  Be sure to let children know:

  • You are going to have some pictures taken on the beach.
  • Many pictures will be taken.
  • They will need to listen to you and be on their best behavior.
  • They will need to take directions from a stranger (the photographer).
  • Anything else you feel will prepare your children.
  • Also, please make sure everyone is aware that we are not allowed on the dunes.  We will do all our posing in the safe, "allowed" areas.

2.  Offering rewards . . . It's been our experience that children not only behave better, but get excited about the prospect of receiving a reward after the photo session.  Ice cream seems to be the reward of choice for most families, especially at the beach.  What would work best with your kids?  A trip to the arcade, an extra hour of TV, a new book or toy?  You know your children best and what will work for them.

3.  The final 4 - Make sure your kids:

  • Are well fed.
  • Are well rested.
  • Have an empty bladder (if the session is outdoors).
  • Have a snack and/or small beverage handy.

One last tip . . . we know it can be frustrating when your children are not listening to you or following directions during a session.  Please do your best not to yell at the kids which may lead to crying and puffy, red eyes.  We always bring along some extra patience and will do our best to help you in getting the children to cooperate.

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